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Jackel Motorsports

Since 2000 Jackel Motorsports has provided Americans with safe, reliable and affordable ATVs and Dirt Bikes. Since then Jackel has expanded its product portfolio to include power generators, and scooters. The Jackel Brand Promise is to provide exceptional customer service, innovative product offerings, quality and an unmatched offering of replacement parts. As a result, Jackel Motorsports has built a loyal brand following and fantastic reputation.

Why are the ATVs and Dirt Bikes produced by Jackel Motorsports superior?

Jackel Motor Sports focuses on quality and safety. Our technicians carefully inspect all products before shipping ensuring that Jackel Motorsports delivers our brand promise. We deliver quality resulting in satisfied customers and affordably priced ATVs and dirt bikes.

Jackel Motorsports products are equipped many of the same features found on high priced ATVs and Dirt Bikes. We use Japanese seals, bearings and other small parts. For example, we exclusively use Mikuni carburetors for performance and durability. Mikuni ATV and dirt bike carburetors ensures first crank starting, smooth running, ease-of-use, easy installation and dummy-proof maintenance. Other features include:

  • Frames are made of reinforced steel tubing
  • Double hulled gas tanks
  • Reinforced steering stems
  • McPherson style shocks

Jackel Motorsports will continue to improve our products by conducting in-depth market research and research studies to provide innovative technology. Our products perform as great as they look.

Jackel Motorsports: The company behind these jaw-dropping ATVs and Dirt Bikes

Jackel Motorsports is the market leader for affordable ATVs, dirt bikes and scooters operating the United States. Jackel Motorsports produces and manufacturers with a strict quality control over the ATVs, dirt bikes and scooters produced. As opposed to other companies that only imports and then resells products resulting in ISO 2000 standards. We are differentiated not by price alone but by the quality of products due to controlled manufacturing.

Jackel Motorsports has over 12,000 square feet of replacement parts stocked in inventory guaranteeing immediate availability. While other ATV and dirt bike producers wait for months for parts to arrive from overseas production, we support our products by delivering parts quickly. Our customer service goal is to ship replacement parts same day or next day. Customers are confident that parts are available and delivered quickly.

Jackel Motorsports will never compromise on the quality of its products. We will continue to only use Mikuni Carburetors for ATVs and dirt bikes for brand Jackel Motorsports products and develop innovative products meeting market demands.

Sell top quality ATVs and dirt bikes by becoming Jackel Motorsports' dealer

Jackel Motorsports have a wide network of dealers, suppliers and distributors. Our partners benefit from the brand value associated with Jackel Motorsports. Dealers can expect generous profits from a combination of exceptional customer service, innovative product offerings, quality and an unmatched offering of replacement parts. Become a valued Partner with Jackel Motorsports, call our Jackel Partner Team today or fill out an online application to learn how to become a dealer. Hope to have you on the team soon.

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