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Jackel Featured on ATV Illustrated

ATV Illustrated has featured the Jackel ATV 110R model in their magazine and website. The Jackel 110R is a solid performer that packs a great value. It is a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air cooled engine with a 3-speed w/reverse, and chain drive transmission. Click below to view in more detailed information.

110R Review [PDF]

ATV - 110R Review

Jackel News

Check out the 2007 line of ATV's dirt bikes, scooters and generators. Jackel premium brand are loaded with features that make the off road experience safe and fun for the whole family. Whether riding your sporty Jackel 110R or hunting on your Jackel 250R, you can expect the bulletproof reliability, safety features and superior performance that make Jackel ATVs and Dirt Bikes and Scooters the industry leader. New for 2007 is the 110R new race design suspension. Also new for 2007 is the 150S scooter and 110Z dirt bike. Both loaded with power, style and quality that you have grown to know the Jackel family offers on all its 2006 ATV and dirt bike lineup. Call to find the closest Jackel ATV and dirt bike dealer or fill out an application to become a Jackel ATV and dirt bike dealer today.

Jackel Safety

Jackel recommends that all ATV and dirt bike riders take a training course. ATVs and dirt bikes can be hazardous to operate. For your safety always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Always avoid paved surfaces. Never ride on public roads. Never carry passengers or engage in stunt riding. Riding and alcohol or other drugs don?t mix. Avoid excessive speeds. Be careful on difficult terrain. Always use your best judgment when operation a motorized vehicle.

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Gas prices are on the rise and they tend to have a domino effect on our economy as a whole. Grocery stores have felt the wrath of the fuel industry as their foods become more expensive and our cost of living augments. How can we battle these inevitable costs of freight charges? Jackel recommends " with QW Express". Save On Freight ships by land, sea, and air at the lowest rates nationwide. They can help your company save money on LTL and air freight by simplifying your shipping needs.

ATV Industry Resources

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